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SAMHSA's CAPT Epidemiologist Demystifies Epidemiology for CSAP State Project Officers

On March 3, 2011, CAPT Epidemiologist Carol Hagen delivered the first in a series of presentations to CSAP State project officers on epidemiology. The presentation, entitled Demystifying Epidemiology, introduced project officers to the theory and application of epidemiology.  Specifically, the presentation:

  • Defined the role of epidemiology in the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) process
  • Clarified the role and responsibilities of State epidemiological workgroups in supporting data-driven decision-making and determining prevention priorities
  • Described the purpose and elements of the State epidemiological profile, a compilation of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug consumption and consequence data that States use to inform assessment, planning, priority setting, and evaluation activities.
  • Defined some common epidemiological terms related to prevention, such as incidence, prevalence, consumption patterns, consequences, and risk factors
  • Introduced the State Epidemiological Data System website, designed to support epidemiological workgroups and  State substance abuse prevention agencies

Future presentations will address topics such as include adding mental health indicators to the State Epidemiological Data System and to trainings for new grantees.


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