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Lexington County Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow DUI Task Force: Responsibility Toolkit

The Responsibility Toolkit is delivered by local law enforcement officers to on-premise alcohol retail establishments to increase awareness of, and capacity to reduce, over-service to intoxicated patrons in Lexington County. The Toolkit targets both management-level staff and employees for the purposes of: increasing knowledge of the law prohibiting over-service to intoxicated patrons and consequences of such violations, increasing participation in the Palmetto Retailer Education Program, and increasing self-efficacy to refuse service to intoxicated patrons. The Responsibility Toolkit also targets patrons to promote personal responsibility and increase perception of risk of getting caught for driving under the influence of alcohol. Core contents include:

  • A letter from the Sheriff indicating that local law enforcement is tracking “place of last drink” data for all DUI arrests in the county and that the establishment receiving the toolkit has been identified as a “problem establishment”
  • A Palmetto Retailer Education Program marketing folder
  • Information about the law prohibiting over-service and its consequences
  • Sample policies and procedures governing alcohol sales
  • A sample incident log to document refusal of sales and service to intoxicated patrons
  • Signage to be displayed in establishments that states the law prohibiting over-service
  • Beverage coasters
  • Window and mirror clings to be displayed in restrooms

With funding from SAMHSA’s FY2014 Subcontracts to Build Evaluation Capacity for Evidence-Based Interventions, the Lexington County Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow (CAST) DUI Task Force will enhance the evaluation of the Responsibility Toolkit by increasing capacity to measure outcome variables, in addition to the process variables that are currently measured. Specific activities will include:

  • Developing tools to measure over-service within establishments, as well as patron and employee responses to materials in the toolkit
  • Enhancing the current Toolkit delivery script used by the officer
  • Training volunteers to collect baseline data on over-service
  • Using a comprehensive evaluation design that includes a comparison group, pre-post measures of over-service within establishments, and data collection from patrons and employees
  • Training officers to record information accurately
  • Tracking the impact of supporting communications and media strategies through assistance from a marketing and communications consultant
  • Reporting findings to Task Force and community stakeholders


Kristy Stoneburner
CAST Region 2 Capacity Coach
Lexington County CAST DUI Task Force
P.O. Box 50597
Columbia, SC 29250
Phone: (803) 726-9443