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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

NCADD of Middlesex County, Inc.: We’re Not Buying It! 2.0

We’re Not Buying It! 2.0 is a media literacy program targeting middle school-aged youth in sixth through eighth grades that aims to prevent or delay the onset of alcohol, marijuana, and non-medical prescription drug use, and to prevent bullying. Youth learn how to deconstruct media messages that promote or glamorize substance use. With a deeper understanding of the marketing directed toward them, students are better able to resist messages and to make healthy decisions.

The curriculum is a six-lesson program, delivered as a formal component of the middle school health curriculum. Each 40-minute lesson incorporates activities targeting between two and three learning styles—visual, aural, verbal, logical, social, and solitary—to address the knowledge and skills necessary for youth to reject unhealthy substance use and bullying behaviors.

With funding from the SAMHSA’s Service to Science Subcontract to Build Evaluation Capacity for Evidence-Based Interventions, program staff will implement an experimental research design to determine the program’s impact on student knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to substance use, bullying, and media-literacy skills. Specific enhancements will include:

  • Developing comprehensive pre- and post-test instruments that include age-appropriate and field-tested measures
  • Randomly assigning classes within a single middle school to experimental and control groups and administering the pre- and post-test to both groups
  • Delivering the intervention subsequently to the control group and then administering a follow-up survey to both groups for preliminary determination of longer-term program impacts
  • Using a revised fidelity instrument after each lesson to quantify the extent to which all topics in the curriculum are covered, variations in service delivery method, and participants’ reactions
  • Conducting up to three focus groups with participants to gather qualitative data regarding their experience, feedback on the curriculum and its activities, and any changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that may not have been identified through the pre- and post-tests


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