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Helping Services for Northeast Iowa: Mentoring Programs

Helping Services for Northeast Iowa implements and supports mentoring programs in five rural counties. These programs are designed to influence the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of the children and adolescents served. Specifically, Mentoring Programs seeks to decrease the incidence of current substance use among youth, delay the average age of alcohol consumption onset, and increase youth’s ability to avoid substance abuse and related delinquent behavior. Emphasis on mentoring recruitment, training, and long-term placement as well as parent involvement increases the likelihood that participating youth will adopt the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors thought to deter or prevent their substance abuse. 

Through their participation in the Service to Science initiative, program staff developed logic models related to mentor, parent, and youth components; and explored using phone survey methods to collect information from parents and mentors regarding program implementation and youth progress.  

With additional support from SAMHSA’s Service to Science Initiative’s Subcontract to Build Evaluation Capacity for Evidence-based Interventions, Mentoring Programs will create a comprehensive evaluation plan. Working with a consultant who specializes in qualitative evaluation, they will create a plan that includes:  a new mentor survey, protocols for conducting and coding phone interviews, sharing evaluation data with key stakeholders and using evaluation data for program improvement.  



Kathy Schwartzhoff
Mentoring Coordinator
Helping Services for Northeast Iowa, Inc.
P.O. Box 372
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: (563) 387-1720

Clare Jones
Director, Division of Prevention Services
Helping Services for Northeast Iowa, Inc.
2728 Asbury Road
Dubuque , Iowa 52001
Phone: (563) 582-5317