Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Types of T/TA Services

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SAMHSA's CAPT provides responsive, tailored, and outcomes-focused training and technical assistance (T/TA) to SAMHSA Grantees to prevent substance abuse and related behavioral health issues. Services are driven by a commitment to developing relationships with the people we serve; mindful of the need to plan for sustainability at program inception; and continuous, combining in-person and virtual approaches that allow service providers to supply ongoing support, over time.

Areas of T/TA

Specifically, services provided by SAMHSA's CAPT are designed to strengthen the capacity of its grantees to effectively:

  • Prioritize substance abuse and related behavioral health problems, based on careful review and analysis of epidemiological data;
  • Prepare and mobilize prevention systems and resources to address priority issues;
  • Develop a strategic plan that links substance abuse and related behavioral health problems with contributing factors and effective strategies;
  • Select evidence-based interventions that address identified needs and/or gaps in prevention programming;
  • Assist innovative prevention interventions to improve evaluation methods and evidence of effectiveness;
  • Implement evidence-based interventions, supporting fidelity of implementation and/or productive adaptation, as appropriate; and
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of prevention strategies that are being applied.

Types of Services

SAMHSA's CAPT offers a menu of training and technical assistance (T/TA) services readily customized to the diverse culture, experiences, and needs of the communities it serves. Services include:

  • Customized technical assistance tailored to meet the unique needs of individual grantees. TA activities include one-on-one coaching, group informational sessions, facilitated planning, and resource sharing.
  • In-person training—ranging from small learning communities to provide targeted TA, to statewide trainings-of-trainers to increase State training capacity, to national workshops to disseminate prevention findings.
  • Online events, including moderated online courses, webinars, and Web-mediated teleconferences.
  • National and regional meetings. Staff and consultants regularly participate in the design, planning, and delivery of grantee meetings, including cohort meetings of CSAP’s Minority AIDS Initiative grantees, and regular Regional Technical Expert Panel (RTEP) meetings, comprising prevention leaders from each State, Jurisdiction and Tribe.
  • Collaboration opportunities designed to foster greater sharing of important lessons learned and expertise across regions. These include cohort-specific webinars, co-located networking meetings at national events, and regional listservs.
  • Information dissemination. SAMHSA's CAPT relies on the CAPT area of the SAMHSA website and its multiple listservs to quickly and efficiently disseminate prevention information.