Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Regional Technical Expert Panel

SAMHSA'S CAPT relies on the experience and expertise of multiple stakeholders to identify and shape the design and delivery of CAPT training and technical assistance protocols, products, and services. Among these stakeholders are the CAPT Regional Technical Expert Panels (RTEPs), located in each of SAMHSA's CAPT's five service areas. The RTEP includes Single State Authority and National Prevention Network leaders from each of the 50 States, as well as prevention leaders from the Jurisdictions and Tribal entities that the SAMHSA's CAPT serves. These groups help guide service delivery by providing insight into emerging needs and systemic capacity, critical feedback on what is and is not working, and suggestions for customizing services to meet audience needs.

Virtual RTEP meetings, convened three times a year, also provide a unique opportunity for prevention leaders from across each CAPT service area to connect with one another and collectively explore common issues they may face when planning, implementing, and evaluating their prevention efforts. For example, over the past year, RTEP members have engaged in rich discussion of topics such as:

  • health disparities
  • the impact of adverse childhood experiences on prevention
  • considerations for restructuring/enhancing state and tribal training networks
  • strategies for evaluating state and tribal training systems
  • form and function of advisory councils/committees in a post-SPF SIG world

To learn more about RTEPs, contact the Resource Team Coordinator in your CAPT service area.