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Service to Science Programs Receive NASADAD Exemplary Awards

The 2012 Exemplary Awards for Innovative Substance Abuse Prevention Programs, Practices, and Polices were awarded to two recent participants of SAMHSA’s Service to Science initiative. Individual Prevention Services of Riverside County, California, (a 2010 participant) and Parents Empowered of Utah (a 2012 participant) were honored by the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD) for outstanding achievement in substance abuse prevention in the United States, its territories, and associated jurisdictions.

Individual Prevention Service (IPS) is a countywide program that identifies and intervenes with individuals of all ages who are experiencing substance abuse problems but who have not reached a level of severity where diagnosis or treatment is indicated. With this program, the IPS reaches a population that would otherwise fall between the cracks by tailoring an individualized plan of prevention-focused strategies—including family involvement—for each participant. He or she then returns for follow-up sessions to continue working toward the goals of the plan.

Parents Empowered is a statewide, state-sponsored educational and community-mobilization campaign to prevent underage drinking. The campaign uses electronic media and other means of mass communication to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to actively keep their children alcohol free. Parents Empowered encourages parents to be involved in their children’s lives and to set clear rules about not tolerating underage drinking. Research shows that parental disapproval of underage drinking is linked to preventing alcohol abuse.

As participants in Service to Science, a national initiative operated by SAMHSA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, program representatives worked closely with experienced evaluators to bring increased rigor to their evaluation efforts. Service to Science is dedicated to helping innovative, locally developed programs meet a higher standard of evidence-based practice. NASADAD’s Exemplary Awards program recognizes grassroots, evidence-based, substance abuse prevention programs that have been thoroughly evaluated and may be replicated by other states, tribes, jurisdictions, counties, and municipalities.

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