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Exploring the Link: Drugs and Mental Health

Event date: 
August 29, 2013
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)
Hyde, Pamela
Knight, John
Morehouse, Ellen
Live Webcast

Does a mental health issue lead to substance use? Does substance abuse lead to a mental health issue? The answers to those questions are not clear, but we do know millions of adults in the United States have both. A very small percentage of people receive treatment for both conditions and most don't receive any treatment at all. Research has shown that treatment addressing both conditions at the same time has better outcomes with lower costs, yet it still isn't happening nearly enough.

During this hour-long broadcast, Exploring the Link; Drugs & Mental Health, we'll look at the most common co-occurring disorders, learn about treatment options, and see how the shift towards a behavioral health model can make a difference. We'll travel to Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma to see how coalitions and health professionals there have been linking substance use and mental health for some time.

Key Concepts:  

  • Understand why the movement towards behavorial health is happening
  • Learn about treatment options for co-occurring disorders
  • Find out about common co-occurring disorders

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